Everything You Need To Know About Background Check Investigations

A PI or private investigator is a person who is hired by an individual or group in order to investigate the hidden secrets of a company, spouse or employee. They are professionals who have the knowledge, experience and best-suited skills to handle every case with excellence.

The Private Investigator or private detective Lexington KY provide several services to a client in order to solve a case. Some of them are:

  1. Surveillance Investigations
  2. Infidelity Investigations
  3. Child Custody Investigations
  4. Criminal Investigation Services
  5. Background Investigations
  6. Fraud Investigations
  7. Insurance Investigations
  8. Missing Persons & Skip Tracing
Background Check
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Among all these investigations background check is the most basic thing that every investigator do in the first place. Before screening the case, suspected person’s past history is fully analysed. In this article, we are going to discuss Background Checks in great detail.

What is Background Check?

Background Check is a thorough inspection of suspected person’s personal and professional history. Private detectives are hired to verify whether the information given by the individual is true or not. Background Checks Lexington KY helps to expose relevant information on individuals, companies or organisations.

Background Check

Types of Background Check

Some of the background check services given by private detectives are as follows:

  • Personal Background Check

Private Investigator does the personal background check on a daily basis. If you find any suspicious behaviour of a person, run a background investigation today. It is essential to know who they really are. Even if your fears have no ground but you have peace in your mind.

  • Financial Background Checks

Private investigators help the employers gather information about their employee. They conduct a face to face interview with the employee if any criminal activity is going on in the office. They also give legal advice about what step an employer can take in order to prevent problems in future.

  • Employee Background Checks

The background check for an employee you are going to hire is crucial to the probity of your business. Many employers are now hiring professional private investigators who check the past of the employee and tells you how trustworthy he/she is for your company.

  • Pre-Marital Background Checks

If your daughter has an engagement in upcoming days but you don’t know your son-in-law in person, run a background check. It is the best option to know how a person really is, how their behaviour changes when the time changes.

Tenant Background Check
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  • Tenant Background Checks

Before allowing a tenant to live in your home/property, it is wise to visit a private investigator. Private detectives make the life simpler. After all, as a landlord, you don’t want a person as a tenant who will be a headache for you.

If you are going to hire a private detective for the person who is very close to you be ready for the information they find out. You can only hope that they prove your fear groundless. Be prepared for the worse. Check out here if you want to know how much a private detective charge if you visit them. The investigation pricing depends on the service you have asked for.