How Toddler Balance Milestones That Predict The Future Quality Of Life?

Balance is the ability to hold your body upright and steady without falling down! This could be in sitting or standing, moving or standing still, with eyes open or closed. Balance is a significant component of child development and relies heavily on the vestibular system. Children must learn to balance before they can progress to higher level gross motor skills like stair negotiation, hopping, galloping or skipping.

Balancing is not as easy as it looks! Balancing is a complex process that engages a large number of muscles all over the body and it requires a lot of fine-tuning to get right. There are many companies such as UberChilli that provide Balancing Boards that helps your child’s large group of muscles work in harmony to maintain postural control and dictates ability to do any sort of work.

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In this article, we will discuss how toddler balance milestones that predict the future quality of life in great detail.

  • Physical Development

Balancing will be the foundation for your child’s athletic skills as well as many other abilities, but your child will also build a foundation for balance form the time they are very young. Your baby’s physical development, which includes things like bone and muscle growth, has been growing since birth. This will help your child’s body prepare to balance while doing things like standing, running etc.

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  • Hand Eye Co-ordination

Hand-Eye coordination or the ability to use visual input to guide the hands is another vital stepping stone towards learning from balancing boards in the UK.

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  • Sensory Processing

Sensory Processing is the ability to process sensory input from your eyes, ears, nose, skin and even mouth to navigate the world around you. Without it, your child would not be able to respond to the outside world and maintain balance in different situations. There are many training exercises you can do to help your child develop the skills and strength they need for good balance. Playing with the balancing boards helps to develop your child physical strength and mental acuity in the long run. Check out here to read real-life evidence that reveals how to balance board is important for a child’s development.