Metal Cladding Options That Perfectly Fit Your Next Project

The metal cladding is the best choice for professional architects. Its popularity is primarily down to its incredible versatility in both innovative and off-the-shelf. Designers have embraced the metal cladding for its formal flexibility and finish.

Metal Cladding
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Metal greatest strength makes the designers envelop different finishes, forms and methods to produce their creativity to the new project. They are using metal cladding system in various commercial building materials Chatham-kent On in order to give a fine finish to the building.

In this article, we will discuss metal cladding options that help you to decide which metal cladding product is a perfect fit for your next project.

  • Standing Seam

It is characterized by robust folded connections between each pannels. It helps to conceal the fixing details and allow for a sleek architectural exterior. This makes the best choice across typologies.

  • Snaplock

Snaplock Metal Cladding System is an alternative to standing seam. Snaplock pannels are designed to snap together offering a low-fuss installation.

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  • Interlocking

An interlocking system offers a smoother appearance with dramatic changes by showing amazing joints. It can vary with width and can be detailed to run horizontally, vertically and even diagonally.

  • Flatlock

It locks together to create a flush, flexible and thin facade. The system can be also be installed in reverse, creating deeper express lines i.e. called Reverse Flatlock.

  • Cassette

Cassette is ideal for large cladding area where the open-jointed cassette system can be used with high panels up to 13feet in length. They can be bent and fixed with invisible clips. As a result, a contemporary flat appearance will come out.

Custom Metal Cladding
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  • Custom

If the above options are not fit for your project, a bespoke system can be developed to be a specialist manufacturer. It is the thing where you can alter an existing system and then creating something new completely. In this case, you need to consider your project budget since customization will increase the cost substantially.

In metal cladding system both ambition and expertise come together harmoniously. Not only they produce some daring architecture but also posses a great materiality feature. It is necessary for you to be in trend. Check out here to know which metal cladding system recently gaining popularity other than mentioned in the list.