Mistakes Made By Applicants While Applying For Russian Visa

Most of the Russian visa applicants are not aware of Russian visa and rely upon companies – whether it’s a business visa, and many more. But it is not uncommon when those directions are misunderstood, the info is not up to date or not complete

To prevent any delays in your visa application process, it’s best to check the Russian Embassy or Consulate site (from the country and place you reside in) or get in contact with a Russia immigration visa experts who will always be able to supply you with necessary information concerning the visa, supporting documents, pricing and processing times. 

Very often people overlook some necessary files in the hope that only one missing piece of paper won’t do any harm.

But it’s a bad mistake – every document required to your visa is required for a reason and it is not a good idea to omit it.

Here are the most Frequent mistakes applicants make when applying for a Russian business visa: –

A visa application form is required from every applicant. It must be filled out online on the web site of the Russian Visa Application Centre, printed out, signed along with a photograph should be attached to it.

Application forms completed by hand aren’t accepted. – Before you start completing the application form, if you will do it for your first time, have a look at the directions how to do it.

From our experience, we know that lots of candidates struggle with online kinds and locate some questions perplexing.

Be specific when answering the questions. E.g. when you arrive at the question about all countries you have visited in the last 10 decades, you can’t simply place”many” or”I don’t recall”. Verify the stamps in your passport, there are dates when you went overseas.

The Embassy will see these too, incidentally, so it’s a good idea if you write them down straight away and not waste your time when your form is going to be returned to you for alterations. – It’s fine though in the event that you leave out exact addresses and telephone numbers of your educational details along with former employment.

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