Tour To A Cigar Factory In Tampa

Tampa, Florida was once the cigar capital of the World. The Cigar factory tour is one of the most astonishing experiences. While touring a cigar factory you will get to witness the detailed and meticulous procedure of turning the tobacco leaves into the fine cigars.

Although Florida is a great place to do a cigar tour you will be surprised to know that most cigar factories do not offer tours. If you ever get a chance to go to Florida make sure you visit a cigar factory in Tampa. You’ll get to see the full production of a cigar from start to finish. They will even let you try some of the cigars at the end of the tour.

What is a cigar factory tour?

A cigar factory tour in Tampa may be the only chance you will ever get to learn the meticulous process of hand rolled cigars. You will get to see all the pre-production process of making the cigars. You will see how their Cuba born artisans sort, select, dry the leaves.

As well as you will get to see the detailed craft of rolling, shaping and packing of the best Tampa cigars. The artisans of this factory arduously take up the task of making cigars from tobacco leaves and then cover it into the fine covering. It is worth seeing a sight. You can also study the whole process. You will also get to learn the essentials of smoking a fine cigar!

How cigars are made?

The cigar making process goes through certain steps. Given below are some of the steps.

  • Tobacco leaf sorting

The drying of tobacco leaves is the most time-consuming process. The leaves are hung inside a dark room. The strength of fumes and the moisture content in the air of the room is very high and mostly unbearable for some people.

  • Tobacco leaf preparation

After sorting tobacco leaves the artisans spend days to divide the tobacco leaves into different grades. Then the best quality leaves are taken for the hand rolled cigars.

  • Tobacco leaf rolling

The skilled artisans at the factory then take all the tobacco leaves and put them in a cylindrical box to hold the shape before the final leaf layer gets applied.

They also teach you the methods of smoking cigars and take the best out of them. You can visit this link to learn the art of smoking a fine hand rolled cigar.