What Does Mobile Phone Insurance Do For You?

Mobile phones are one of an integral part of our day-to-day life. It is the thing that we can’t live without. What if you lose your mobile phone? Hearing this itself is daunting and heart-wrenching feeling that fill into your mind. Isn’t it? At that point in time, you can only regret losing it.

Mobile Phone Insurace
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When you buy your new phone it is recommended to take mobile phone insurance. It is a new concept that many companies such as SFAM are introducing so that you have a peace of mind for granted even if you lose.

In this article, we will discuss mobile phone insurance and its scopes in great detail.

What is Mobile Insurance?

Mobile phone insurance is the insurance that covers the compensation for the various damage arises to your phone. These damages can be theft, loss of phone, damaged screen and many more. This insurance can be brought at the time of buying your phone or a maximum of five-day delay from the day of billing. The covered period is typically for one year.

Insurance covers
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The scope of cover offer

  • Damage of theft  during theft or riots
  • Robbery from a locked building of a hotel
  • Damage arising from fire, lightning and explosion
  • Fluid leading to external circuitry
  • Physical damage leads to complete breakdown exclusion….and the list goes on.

Mobile phone insurance cover only for those incidents that are genuine. You can avoid it for their damage.


Claim Process

While making a claim one needs to submit the original purchase bill and serial number of the phone along with the claim form.

Claim Process
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In case of theft, the claimant should provide a document stating SIM card has been blocked and FIR stating that the phone has been stolen.  Then you need to go to the nearest service centre and request you to obtain expense estimates towards damage.

It is an easy task and needs less time for claiming. They will take 2-3 days to process your claim and after that, you will receive your compensation.  In the compensation, you will get a phone according to the insurance money you credited every month before losing your phone.

It is very essential where you take your insurance policy with. Certain brands are only available on the online platform. Hence you should buy it within seven days of purchase. Having mobile phone insurance is a good option when you buy a very costly one. Check out here to know why do you need mobile phone insurance for your brand new phone.