What to Look For in a Day Care Center

Selecting the facility and the people that you may entrust with the care of your child deserves careful fact-finding and research. This guide can assist you with tips about what to look for in a day care centre for the child. You can choose bluebird early learning centre & premium child care in South Morang for your children.

A License

If your potential day care centre has a lapsed or revoked permit, steer clear. This might appear to be a no-brainer, but not significant of a point to make. The centre need to maintain certain criteria to maintain license active and these criteria will be the minimum which you must need for your child.

Age-Appropriate Curriculum

Ensure that your center correctly divides age groups of kids. Occasionally play times and lunch are exceptions, but generally kids must be with others the same age. Verify the program is fun and exciting to your child's age, and when appropriate, ambitious.

Teacher-Child Ratios

Ask about the day care centre's teacher to child ratio and be certain you're familiar with it.


Family and friends in your town with children in those centres can offer a fountain of info on centers around town. Ask around in the work also, at church, or in any other social occasions. You might even request your pharmacist for recommendations.

Do go ahead and seek on the internet. Proceed through the phone book and request testimonials from day care centres.

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