Workplace Perks That Will Attract And Bind The Tech Talent

As the war for tech talent goes on, companies start increasing the workplace perks to attract and retain employees. Companies are more focused on what they can do to maximise the efficiency of the tech talent in their company.

Tech Talent Perks
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Google and other tech giants have initiated this trend in the 1990s, to offer differentiated office experiences from the past. Now many tech companies like Swiss Gulf Partners offer free snacks, yoga classes etc so that they don’t feel burdensome and productivity increases gradually.

In this article, we’ll discuss various workplace perks that will attract and bind the tech talent in the same company for a long time.

  • Flexible Schedule

After competitive pay and benefits, a flexible schedule is a thing that every employee want in their office. In order to remain competitive, they work remotely and hence their schedule should be flexible.

Remote Work
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  • Remote Work

While working from home require a certain amount of trust in an employee that demonstrates a work-life balance of them. This is very important since tech companies and startups have to work around the clock and the pressure to launch product ASAP from backers and advisors.

  • Wellness and Self-care Allowance

Most of the tech companies provide allowances for a gym membership or self-care items such as pedicure, manicure etc that are successful in retaining the tech talent in their company. Wellness has become a shared interest and a proven way to maximise workplace productivity and overall wellbeing.

  • Casual Dress Code

It may sound small but a casual dress code may have a significant impact on employee state of mind. They have to work for round the clock so casual dress code can give them a feeling of relaxing.

Choice of technology
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  • Choice of Technology

Employee value having a voice in what technology they use in the workplace. What they are using for the project is the key and also increase their personal learning projects and research has done on company time.

Tech talent prioritizes career advancement. They look for the ways to advance up the rank and also seek out the ways the company can help them to sharpen their skill in a rapidly changing industry. Check out here to know what perks does Google pay to their employee to work for non-profits